The Iron Butterflies killing a GD member

The Iron Butterflies is a gang from The Five Points. They where first seen attacking and killing one of the Grave Diggers man. They where knowing with who where messing, but they think the time has changed and the Grave Diggers are nothing but a pathetic bunch of geezer micks now and it's the Iron Butterflies reign now. Their hideout is Butterfly Circus.

Known MembersEdit

Iron Butterflies
DannyC RaymondC UnnamedIB1C UnnamedIB2C
Danny Raymond Fitzgerald Unnamed Unnamed

War with Grave DiggersEdit

Orchestrated by Kip, both gangs ended in a big all out war. Kip wanted Raymond, 2nd in command of Iron Butterflies, to kill Brad and told him how to call him alone, and in the fight it was believed that both Raymond and Brad died. After that Kip started all-out war with the Iron Butterflies, but Brad returned, killing members of both gangs. Eventually Kip took out a gatling gun, he purchased from Edward King and killed all except Brad. Gene interfered and knocked Kip out and after some talking with Brad and Luke, he left and ended the war. The war ended in October 10, 1866, with 116 dead Grave Diggers and 87 dead Iron Butterflies. The same day marked the complete destruction of the Grave Diggers. It was later revealed that the boss of the Iron Butterflies, Danny paid Edward, to help him take out the Grave Diggers and Raymond and his men, who were a threat to him.

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