The Crimson Gang is a band of gangster lead by the Edward King. They are a group composed of mainly six extremely dangerous criminals, whose infamous reputation makes them one of the most feared gang in the West. Other two minor members are the bounty hunters Gray and Thomas. Their tattoo is a K, a reference to their boss's surname.

Most of the members are cruel and amoral, never showing any kind of mercy towards anyone, neither their own comrades. They don't have a territory, like the Grave Diggers and Iron Butterfly, as they just move where they can get profits. They become the main antagonist after the gang war between Five Points's gangs end.

They were first seen outside of Five Points, where King went to finish some business. After that the gang went to St. Louis, since they heard they have good products and to make some money. They are shown to be involved in several brutal crimes, like blackmail, cattle theft, murder and weapon traffic. They are all hunted down and ultimately killed by the Burns brothers and their allies.


The Crimson Gang
EdwardC HawkC SwallowC EagleC ParrotC
Edward King Hawk Swallow Eagle Parrot


  • All of the main members, except the boss, wears a name of a bird.

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