Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 8
Japanese Title: 選択
Romanized Title: Sentaku
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: August 1, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 35-2011
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Choice (選択, Sentaku) is the 8th chapter in the series.



Brad states that he accepts the job and tells to Kip that his life is worth 10 dollars. Kip don't believes him, thinking that he is joking or trying to get more money, but Brad tells him that if he is thinking that, then he don't know him at all. Just before Brad kills Kip, he hears a gunshot and the arrival of Gene and 2 of his men.

Luke hears a knocking on the door, thinking is Brad who is late, but instead it's Emma with an injury. She tells him that Brad told her to come here and Luke ask her what is his brother up to, to which Emma replies that he is working.

Gene tells Brad to back off, since that's not his job. He says that know what Kip have done and it's unforgivable, and even wants to kill him himself. And because of that he has no intentions of attacking Brad. But since Kip is his only son, if Brad kills him, he will avenge him, by killing Luke. And leaves Brad a choice: to make all the Grave Diggers his enemies and lose his brother or continue being his pet?