The Grim Reaper
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 1
Japanese Title: 死神
Romanized Title: Shinigami
Total Pages: 48
Year Released: June 13, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 28-2011
Chapter Chronology
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The Grim Reaper (死神, Shinigami) is the 1st chapter in the series.



The chapters opens with a scene in which Brad was doing a job for the Grave Diggers, killing a man who was also part of the Grave Diggers, but have sold them out to another gang, for which his assassination was requested.

On the next day is Luke is seen with his friend J.J., passing by Five Points intersection, where he sees the dead body of a Grave Digger member, who in reality was the last night's target of his brother. J.J. commented that he is sick if his job and wants to become a gangster, to escape this crappy life and become rich, like in the American dream. But Luke responds, that the American dream is not seen anywhere near them. With all the murdering, prostitution, mugging here, where the criminals can do what they want, unless he is rich, he will die or end up as beggar. And that's all the gangs and politicians fault, who are destroying this city. Later after separating with J.J., Luke happens to see a gangsters attacking a woman in small alley. He interferes, trying to save the woman, saying she is immigrant just like them and come here hoping for good life and freedom. But that results in the gangster "freeing" her by killing her. Since the woman didn't have anything valuable, they planned to sell her, but since she is dead now, they turn on Luke, but he had only 50 cents and they though to "free" him too. But luckily for Luke, in that moment his older brother Brad arrives. He gave his watch to them in order they to leave him.

After that Brad and Luke went home and talked about their dream and that they need to collect first money in order to leave this city and go to west. After Luke went to bed, Brad got out and headed to the gangsters, which threatened his brother before that. He was really angry that they hurt his little brother and killed them, and also taking his watch back in which there is a picture of young Gene McDowell and Edward King.


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